Thai Buddha - Hand Carved Jackfruit Wood

by Oshun
R 2,800.00

This hand carved Buddha shows up the famous two-toned grain of the Jackfruit wood very well. It was hand carved in a small village in Bali. Jackfruit wood is characterised by its striped, variegated two-tone grain. It is a popular sustainable tree in Bali which produces an edible fruit & also excellent wood for carving. Each wood carving is different & will reflect the style & skills of the carver. 

Jackfruit wood is suitable for both indoors & out. For indoors it may be polished with floor wax for a warm sheen or if left outdoors will develop a beautiful silver grey patina. It is always preferable not to place wood directly onto the soil. A pedestal, flat rock or simple tile beneath it will protect it.


Product Details:

  • Size: 43cm x 31cm x 14cm
  • Weight: 2,1kg
  • Shipped securely by gentle hands and protective packaging

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